The recent charity scandal

Following international press highlighting the short comings of charity organisations the Cheltenham Hurrah decided to hit the streets of Cheltenham to see if the problems are endemic.

Our roving reporter, Dick Wadd, hunted high and low among the range of charity shops in Bath Road and around the town centre.

What we found was utterly disturbing.

Whilst working under cover Dick found numerous jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing and shirts that were clearly from the 1960’s labelled at ‘retro’.


Following a tip off to The Cheltenham Hurrah’s office yesterday morning we approached the PDSA shop that claims to campaign for the rights and well being of animals and pets.

Double standards?

Yet, we found one particular PDSA shop selling mouse traps for £1.99 (yes that’s right, £1.99 whilst stock last). We consider this a double standard that is rife within the charity sector. Although they offer good value for money The Cheltenham Hurrah considers that the charity really should make their mind up.

When we approached the organisation for an explanation no one was available as they were at a conference aimed at buying Nike shoes directly from the manufacturer at trade prices of 99 pence per shoe.


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