Physical Education Teacher Recruitment

Have you ever thought of being a PE teacher?

Recent headlines have stated that the increasing cost of University education is putting many students off the idea of going into higher education.

As a result, industries such as engineering, nursing and teaching are being hit hard by not only retaining staff but also recruiting new ones.

As always Gloucester University has taken the lead in addressing this growing concern with a new and innovative scheme to tempt ‘A’ level students into the life of teaching. Specifically, Physical Education.

Cut price training to tempt students

Professor Rubberneck from the department of education, told the Cheltenham Hurrah that his department are considering a return to the 1980s in its approach to Physical Education teacher training.

“We will offer our courses” Professor rubberneck stated, “at 1980s rates of £1230 per annum”. This figure according to our sources reflects the equivalent cost of university education back in 1982.

1980s standard

“For this” the professor further stated, “our Physical Education teachers will be trained up to the standard of a 1980s PE teacher”.

The curriculum will include the art of slapping kids in the shower and having a vague knowledge of geography.

Application forms

The university is accepting application forms and all levels of interest for the said course from the end of February. The form must be either written in pen or printed. All forms completed in crayon and a clear attempt at finger spaces will not be considered.


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