Rise in car crime

The Cheltenham Hurrah has been concerned about the recent rise of car crime in and around Cheltenham.

A number of cars have recently been reported as being taken from many of the town centres numerous car parks and homes.

A recent victim, Marjorie No-tax, 52, from Charlton Kings, told The Cheltenham Hurrah about her recent experiences at the hands of these villains.

“I was sitting in my living room watching Pointless” she said, “when I saw a soldier walking towards my car which was parked on the drive”.

“Within a split second, he dropped his trousers and was seen to be rubbing them against the lock on the driver’s door. Well I was shocked” She said.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

“Almost instantly the car door opened. Well, I ran to the front door just as the soldier was driving my car off the drive”

“Stop, I shouted, but he just drove off”

Detective Chief Inspector Button-Fly, held a press conference last night highlighting the Cheltenham Police’s concerns about this rise in vehicle theft.

The man is described as; white, 5’9” tall aged in his early twenties. Police have also stated that they suspect that the culprit is using his army uniform as a set of ‘Khakis’.






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