Bookshop’s new bookshelf

The Cheltenham Hurrah are delighted to bring to our regular readers breaking news about the innovations of Waterstones in Cheltenham.

This morning Nevil Quicksearch from the said branch of the book store based on The Promenade, contacted our office. The intention was to ensure that their new book section would be shared and enjoyed not only by the good people of Gloucestershire, but also by our avid and educated readers.

Nevil Quicksearch from Cheltenham’s Waterstones stated;

“We have found a new niche that our customers have wanted for a while. Time after time customers are coming into the store and asking for a specific genre of book but we are having to send them away because we just do not cater for them”.

Nevil also stated that a whole bookshelf on the top floor (by the toilets) has been put aside specially to cater for customers asking for books on oils and lubricants. It will be called ‘Non-Friction.’



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