New year, new term, new curriculum

With the start of the new year and normality finally settling in, The Cheltenham Hurrah ventured into the local primary schools to see how the young folk of Cheltenham are finding it now they are back behind their little desks.

Our roving reporter, Dick Wadd, happily heard stories of Christmas parties, drunken antics of parents and grandparents. Dick even told us of stories of family pets being dressed up in readiness for the Christmas cheer.

Reception class teacher Mrs Couldntdoanotherjob (40) told The Cheltenham Hurrah that;

“This new term will be a busy one for the children. The reception children will be doing phonics in literature and whole numbers in numeracy. The children will also be undertaking a project about the media and how it makes us think about the world around us.”

Dick took the time to ask a selection of children what they are most looking forward to within the new national curriculum.

Judy (4) who clearly stated that she is a massive Peppa Pig fan said;

” why do  people make up things that their children have said for social media? Isn’t it just inherently dishonest & indicative of an inability to construct a compelling narrative themselves?”

We at The Cheltenham Hurrah thinks Judy has a point.


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