Christmas Crisis – Aunty Betty to the rescue

Dear Aunty Betty

With Christmas literally breathing down our necks, the atmosphere in our home is far from cheerful. As a result I really need your help and advice to try and lift the spirits within our family home.

I recently think I have caught my Mrs out as a liar. For years she has been telling me that she is a nurse working out of Gloucester Accident and Emergency Department. Yet last week she stated in front of my friends and family that I “don’t buy her flowers.”

And here is where my problem rests.  I always thought she was a bloody nurse not a florist!!!

If she can lie to me about what she does for a living, what else is she hiding?


Mr M. Crispycrumb

Aunty Betty says…

I really do understand your plight and it must be difficult at this time of year to keep a happy harmony in a troubled home.

I have given your problem a whole three minutes of consideration and think that you really shouldn’t split up over her occupation (what ever she claims to do).

When it comes to careers it can be a difficult one to contemplate. The career choices out there are phenomenal and to make the wrong choices can lead to a life of working misery.

When I was about to leave school, I was stuck with two choices. Should I become a barber or a writer of short stories? Well to help me choose I recall flipping a coin shouting. “heads or tails”

Lots of Love

Aunty Betty


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