Early Christmas Bargains

Local electrical retailers in and around Gloucester and Cheltenham have taken the initiative to join forces and beat the Christmas rush to grab an early bargain.


More bargains than you can shake a stick at

Michael Doorstep general manager from PC world told the Cheltenham Hurrah that “we like to be seen as proactive when it comes to giving our customers value for money and general satisfaction. This is why we have decided to join forces with other electrical retailers and offer the good people of Cheltenham and Gloucester an amazing offer just before Christmas.”

Our Dick on the streets

Our roving reporter Dick Wadd, was quick to hit the high streets to see what kind of offers these shops were offering. However, initially Dick was a little disappointed with the limited offers these electrical giants were willing to give.

Dick stated that all of the shops only seemed to be offering great deals on television sets that had their volume stuck on ‘high’. However, to off set this minor setback all of the Television sets were being offered for sale at a massively reduced rate. For example, a 50” flat screen SMART television was on offer for £1. That’s right, £1.


As a result Dick hit the streets to ask the good people of Cheltenham and Gloucester to see how they felt about buying a television set with the volume stuck on ‘high’ for £1.

Mike Itchycrack (34) from Churchdown who had just purchased a said television set said “for £1 I just couldn’t turn it down”.


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