Sexual Harrassment cases found in Cheltenham

Hitting the streets

Following the string of sexual harassment scandals hitting the headlines recently, The Cheltenham Hurrah sent out our roving reporter (Dick Wadd) on to the streets of Cheltenham to see how real these events are for the everyday people of the town.

boots high street
The High Street in Cheltenham

Dick Wadd, came across a number of terrifying examples that the people of Cheltenham were willing to share.

Olden’ day filth

Grace Vegetablepatch

One resident, Grace Vegetablepatch (87) stated that in her day a little bit of ‘slap and tickle’ was an everyday thing and she would not share what she would have done for a pair of ‘nylons’ during the war. However, Grace was quick to point out that at her age she would love the idea of her ‘hip being knocked out of place a few times a week’.

No boundaries

It appears that sexual harassment has no gender boundaries as Dick found a gentleman who was shocked to discover that he too was open to such vile sexual requests.

Just down right disgusting

Not as innocent as one might think

Michael Windowledge (42) was quick to point out his recent harassment at the hands of a check out whilst out with his family innocently shopping on Saturday morning.

“Well”, Michael said “I had just been into Homebase with my wife and children and bought a pack of energy saving light bulbs.  As the young girl on the till scanned them, she asked: “Will you be putting these up yourself, sir?”  “‘Erm, no.” I replied. “What kind of sicko do you think I am?”

Michael stated that following the incident he is seeking legal advice from his lawyers ‘Overpriced & Co’.

A representative from Homebase was unavailable for comment.


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