Allotments are targets of crime

Police need support

Gloucestershire police are asking for public support following recent events in and around Cheltenham’s allotments.


Suspicious activity has been reported from a number of allotment tenants together with poor quality CCTV camera footage.

Strange white van spotted

The footage has shown a white van arriving at the allotment gates in the early hours of the morning. Once they gain access to the plots the culprits can no longer be seen on the screen.

“It’s all very strange”

Thomas Trowel (62) from Up Hatherley has owned and worked on his allotment since retiring back in 1989. Mr Trowel informed The Cheltenham Hurrah that “it just doesn’t make any sense, I have been told about these strange activities but nothing seems to have been taken”.

Mr Trowel was intrigued to know what has been happening as it is clear that these villains are clearly entering the allotments for some sort of reason.

Police investigations

Following initial investigations all the police could conclude was that the strange visitor was dumping soil in around the said allotments.

Inspector Notdonemuch from Cheltenham Police Station stated that “one particular allotment owner had been specifically targeted with the dumping of soil. As a result the plot thickens”.



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