Special effects organiser charged

Arrests were made in the early hours of the morning yesterday following a disaster at the Rose Theatre in Tewkesbury.


Theatre goers were enjoying the scenes and sets whilst watching ‘The Rocky Horror Show’. Many Basque’d males and confused females were witnessed to be scrambling to escape the building during the said performance.

Image result for rocky horror show


Witnesses said that the show was going really well with people singing along and showing off their outfits. According to Dr Andrew Macaroon (40) from Charlton Kings, the night was “full of lights and loud music, it was only when the dry ice started that we thought there was a problem”

Mixed up measurements

Ms Toohola Badback (26) owner of the special effects company told the investigating officers that she had “mixed up her measurements” whilst setting up the dry ice machine. As a result the first three rows of the theatre were frozen solid in their seats. The rest of the audience and actors had to be evacuated from the building.

Firemen had to be woken up

Image result for sleeping fireman

Ambulances were called and fire services were woken from their sleep to attend the potential disaster. Reports from Gloucester Accident and Emergency indicated that at least 5 people were being treated for hypothermia and a further 8 were later discharged.


Solicitors statement

Ms Toohola’s solicitor has now conformed to the Cheltenham Hurrah that Too’s Company Freeze A Crowd.


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