Stiffness to fitness.

Cheltenham care homes have become world class leaders with regards to a new initiative when dealing with elderly patients who have fallen down (aka nan downs).

Ease the pressure

“For years now” stated Margaret Dodgyhip, head of the Guild of Gloucestershire Care Homes, “we have tried to ease the pressure on local ambulance services, we have often been criticised for just calling 999 when our staff can’t be arsed to lift a granny after she has fallen”.

Sporting activities

elderly fitness

To improve the health and fitness of our elderly population Margaret came up with the novel idea of mixing care home care with various sporting activities. According to Margaret ‘aerobics’ has always been popular with elderly residents as it loosens their joints and so on.

Involving care home staff

However, to avoid being accused of favouritism Margaret came up with the novel idea of involving care home staff.

“We are proud of the care and commitment shown by our staff” stated Margaret. “We also believe that the health and well-being of our staff is also highly considered, as a result I feel it has now become imperative that our staff are exposed to the benefits of sporting activities whilst operating their care home duties”.

Frizby throwing

To begin with care home staff were offered the opportunity to include frizby throwing to help with eye to hand co-ordination but this resulted in injuries to the care home residents and increased wear and tear on plates.


In the ring

“After extensive research” stated Margaret, “we opted to introduce boxing to the options offered”. Initially, staff were hostile to the idea of this type of blood sport within care homes being used. However, after initial talks and discussions the staff were offered a specialist ‘boxing referee’ course.

“Well this has worked really well” informed Margaret. “Many of our residents now think our care home staff were former boxing referees. Every time a patient falls over our care home staff now loudly count to ten, before blowing a whistle and throwing a towel at them”.


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