Bath Road Butcher Breaks Into Song

A Bath Road butcher has recently been recognised for his singing abilities. This accolade is usually reserved for the likes of barber shops and amateur dramatic societies.

Unrecognised talent

The award from the ‘Amateur Singers Society’(ASS) is in recognition for talents previously unrecognised. Christopher Tenor from the said society stated that “he was delighted to have awarded this accolade to a Cheltenham resident”. Christopher further stated that “it was nice to recognise a persons talent when they previously had no idea that they had such abilities, we hope that we will see further talent in and around Gloucestershire from this day forward”.

Regular customer

Donald the butcher
Donald Chopping-Block

Donald Chopping-Block was identified as having unknown singing talents after being recognised by one of his regular customers. Donald stated that he has had no singing lessons. The only singing experience he claimed to have had was singing Christmas carols when he was at school way back in the 1970s. His wife Debbie, was also surprised on hearing about her husbands award. “I always thought he was tone deaf” she exclaimed.

black betty
Betty wanted curried goat

Recognition came from one of Donald’s regular customers; Betty Flip-Flop (72). Betty arrived in England after being tempted to leave Trinidad in 1960 to work as a nurse  in Cheltenham General Hospital. Betty instantly recognised Donald’s talent and was quickly on the phone to ASS singing Donald’s praises.

Meaty rack

Betty told The Cheltenham Hurrah that she visited Donald after spending the day with her grandchildren (Winston and Leroy). “I popped into the butchers at the end of the day and Donald didn’t have much left on his meaty shelves”.

Betty is well known amongst her friends for making a ‘lovely curried goat’. However, when betty asked if Donald had any goat or chicken, Donald’s reply was;

“No, black Betty, ham or lamb”.

“At this point the whole shop gave a round of applause” stated Donald.

No pending album or tours.

Donald’s stated that although he was delighted with the award he had no intention of releasing a CD or anything.


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