Obituary – Daisy Doo 92

agony aunt
Daisy Doo and her flea ridden pussy.

The funeral of Daisy Doo took place yesterday. Daisy was celebrating her 92nd birthday when the sad mishap happened.

Good ol’ Cheltenham Girl

Daisy Doo (92) was born and raised in Cheltenham, the daughter of Eric Seymore, a bus inspector, and his wife, Vera, a former prima ballerina. During Daisy’s early life she lived in Bishops Cleeve. During the second world war she was a signaller in the Wrens, and later became an air hostess. She met John Doo while both were studying Indian cookery at Kingsmead School and they married in 1950; he was a hole poker in a local doughnut factory.

An optimistic and joyful character who bubbled with enthusiasm, Daisy was a natural pisshead. But in the years following her arrest for being drunk and disorderly there were sometimes arguments between her and others in the local parks about the best way to drink sherry. She remained an unrelenting defender of the rights of women to openly breakdance. In her later years, during which she continued to be active – she was an enthusiastic artist, discovered a passion for singing in her 40s, and finishing jigsaws – she was again close to the organisation of Jigsaw publishers she had founded, and of which she was deservedly proud.

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Violet who was present at the funeral stated that Daisy was a “lovely old girl”. She went further to state that “we used to get up to some terrible things in those days, she will be sadly missed”.

Fighting a tramp

Her grandson, James (44) from Winchcombe was eagerly keen to tell The Cheltenham Hurrah that “She loved a sip of sherry. Many a time we would hear that she would often have a few sherries too many after bingo then have a fight with a tramp in King George V park.”

Surrounded by her family

Following investigations, the Cheltenham Hurrah discovered that poor Daisy Doo (92) died whilst the family were giving her the bumps at Cleeve Hill Golf Social Club. By all accounts her final words were “put me down you b&stards”.

“It was an unfortunate catalogue of events” said Tony Tennis-Ball (manager of The Golf Club’s Social Building). “At least” he said, “she had her family and friends around her when she passed away”. “In fact some of them were rifling through her handbag whilst she was taking her last breath”

The police are appealing for witnesses and a PCSO was reported to have used his phone at one point.

John Doo passed away in 1989. Daisy is survived by her son, Richard, and daughter, Alison.



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