International Readership

Triple figures

Following our initial launch back in July our readership often goes into triple figures. Due to this massive success, we felt it was necessary to stretch our reporting tentacles outward and to reach out to other nations for up-to-date and informative news articles.

American cousins

Our American cousins were keen to embrace The Cheltenham Hurrah’s news philosophy and share stories from across their nation.

harvey leatherchaps
Harvey Leatherchaps from the U.S of A. (photo courtesy of Tinder dating)

Harvey Leatherchaps (40) from Kansas quickly made contact with our Cheltenham head office to offer his services with regards to recent events in America.

After we established that not everything in England was ‘cute’ or ‘small’ and that Dick Wad was not related to William Shakespeare (although it has often been said that he is a genius with the written word). The Cheltenham Hurrah were keen to hear his account of the recent heavenly phenomenon of the solar eclipse.

People are going crazy

solar eclipse

Harvey informed us that ‘the American people were going crazy to witness this wonder and people were literally putting down their Big Macs to go and stand by a window.’

Although England is not due a (partial) eclipse until February 2018 Harvey was keen to offer us ‘cute little English folk’ a few tips on safety when being out and about whilst this solar sensation takes place.


“Firstly” stated Harvey, “try and get to higher ground.” Harvey’s reasoning for this was that the closer you are to the moon the better you will see it.

“Secondly”, and Harvey was keen to express this due to its importance, “if you are going to look at the solar eclipse don’t look at it through a colander”. When we asked him why this is so important Harvey was adamant in his response. He stated that if you did indeed look at the eclipse through a colander “you might strain your eyes.”


We thank our American cousins for such handy advice.

Please keep following The Cheltenham Hurrah for other useful, international tips.


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