Heart Surgeon Struck off

String of complaints

A surgeon has recently been struck off following a sting of complaints from disgruntled patients and their families. The list of incompetence’s eventually led to the avoidable death of a patient whilst in surgery.

minister for health
Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo trying to keep his brain in.

Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo from Cheltenham General Hospital had been under investigation for a period of six month prior to being removed from his employment.


The said surgeon was thought to have held a prominent role within heart surgery over many years. His tribunal and hearing discussed his record of misfortunes and mistakes resulting in medical mishaps and loss of lives. Throughout the case his professionalism was also under scrutiny and his knowledge about his subject area was also tested.

The case was raised with The General Medical Council following the death of a patient following a routine heart operation.

A nice cup of tea

The prosecution accused Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo of carrying out un-necessary surgery on patients who could have been treated with a nice cup of tea and a sit down.  It further transpired that the doctor’s qualifications were gained from the questionable educational institute ‘Learndirect’.


In his defence Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo’s barrister (Mary Wing-Mirror) stated that he had obtained much of his medical knowledge from those of whom he worked with and so, as a result, the whole department needed to be under investigation. It was therefore, claimed that Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo was being scapegoated for the departments failures and requested that the hearing be stopped on those grounds – This request was turned down.

During the hearing, it was stated that Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo overheard a conversation from two highly qualified and regarded nurses discussing the complications of heart surgery. Mary Wing-Mirror stated that the nurses considered that ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Dr Nicky Nacky-Noo thought this was a new approach to the ever-developing way hearts are treated and was willing to ‘give it a go’.

New job offer

Following the hearing the Dr was instantly offered a lucrative job offer as Minister of Heath whereby he can continue his f*ck ups without hindrance or justification.


“I’m glad that this entire process is now over with” stated the doctor. “I just look forward to being overpaid for being the twat that I actually am”.


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