Supporting New Local Businesses

A new up and coming cleaning company has been set up in Montpellier and as ‘The Cheltenham Hurrah’ are keen to promote new businesses within the area, we sent out our reporter (Dick Wad) to meet the staff and business at ‘Rub-adub-dub’.


The laundrette is hidden behind a row of shops of which is not as disadvantageous as first thought. “Due to the nature of some of the clothes of which our clients bring, our position can ensure confidentiality. This ensures our high customer care and service” said Robin Washboard (the owner of the said business).

Mum’s utility

The company was initially started by specialising in the cleaning and repairing of S&M costumes and frilly dresses for cross dressers. “It literally took off” said Robin. “My mum’s utility room just wasn’t enough and so we moved to these premises”.

bad tranny
A piss poor tranny on the bus

“We’ve had all manner of people through our doors” chuckled Robin. “You know, these aren’t the kind of things you can just pop into Sketchleys”. The clients range from Police officers to High Court judges. “We focus on asking no questions, this way we’re told no lies” Robin winks with a cheeky smile.

The shop is amazingly clean with a strong smell of disinfectant of which would be expected for such a business. “We have met the high standards expected with cleaning delicate materials such as lace and PVC” Robin told our reporter whilst indicating a range of framed certificates hanging from the walls.

What would you suggest in cases of emergency?

Due to the types of clothes that ‘Rub-adub-dub’ deal with they understand that is not always easy for their customers to get down to the cleaning specialists.

“What would you suggest in cases of emergency?” asked our reporter.

With a belly laugh Robin stated; “oh, if I had a pound for every time I was asked that question” he roared.

old undies

The best tip I can give is as follows;

“If you’re having problems getting rid of spunk and skid stains out of cotton underpants, you need to allow 40 minutes at 60 degrees in the washing machine. You then need to allow a further 20 minutes in the tumble dryer on a medium heat. If you don’t have a tumble dryer then stick them on a radiator for 30 minutes at the highest setting you can. Once you have done this you then need to allow quarter of an hour to climb over next doors fence and replacing them back onto the washing line. This is time critical because you need to do this all before he/she comes home from work or the shops”.



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