Cheltenham’s 15th Century Re-Enactment Society

The 15th Century Re-enactment Society

Our roving reporter (Dick Wadd) was recently sent out to report on the exciting revelation that Cheltenham has its own 15th century re-enactment society.

Extensive research

Following extensive research from a man in the park and google, it transpires that this organisation meets daily within the town centre itself. The Cheltenham Hurrah were told that there are no formal qualifications required or annual membership subscriptions to enjoy what the group had to offer. Dick stated that “with this approach to membership it makes it all inclusive for everyone within Cheltenham to enjoy this historical appreciation society”.

Really early start

As Dick was keen to partake in this societies events we sent him out nice and early in the morning to review and feedback on the organisations characters and activities.

The bank House Inn where 15th century re-enactors meet on a daily basis. Some as early as 10am.

Dick arrived at The Bank House Inn at 10am. “I was delighted to see that many of the occupants had dressed for the occasion”. Dick further stated, “a great deal of effort must have gone into perfecting the look of having teeth resembling a burnt-out fuse box”. “Matted hair was also an appreciated feature too”.

Historical characters

Dick raved at the realistic atmosphere within the walls of the branch of Weatherspoons. From a distance it was easy to identify those of whom dressed as ‘witches’. There were even one or two that arrived acting and looking like ‘village idiots.’

On closer inspection, a real appreciation was made with regards to the authentic look of dirty necks and that ‘buffy’ type smell like a wet dog that had fallen asleep in a fish market.

dirty people
Dirty people were in abundance.

“Anyone with the smallest knowledge of English history could get a lot from this place” stated Simon Nosoap (an employer of the said public house).

Clever bloke

Professor Hobnob from Gloucestershire University History Departmen,t was equally raving about the historical societies authenticity. “Many of my first year students are aware that the drinking water within the town was unsafe to drink, as a result locals made a drink called ‘small beer’ that was safer than the water to consume”. It was evident that The Bank House Inn went to great lengths to maintain this tradition as it was the only place in Cheltenham (apart from the other Weatherspoon) that was happy to serve alcohol with breakfasts.

The 15th century was a period filled with horrors such as wars and diseases. Cheltenham certainly had had its fair share of turmoil during this time having witnessed the ‘Black death’ and other historical horrors.

Simon Nosoap was keen to highlight the lengths that The Bank House Inn had gone to ensure this experience was not lost on its customers. “We ensure” he said, “that every person who comes through those doors will experience a feeling of dread and a mild concern for their own safety”.

Entrance fees

Entrance is free but it is advised to let a loved one know where you are going before you leave your house.


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