Preparations are taking place in the world of Cheltenham’s Amateur Dramatics Societies in readiness for the busy Christmas ‘panto’ season.

Playhouse Theatre

As always, the Christmas panto will be held in the Playhouse Theatre in Bath Road from the 28th November until 16th January 2018. Mark McTicket from the Playhouse Theatre told reporters that this can be a very busy period in the run up to Christmas. “We are expecting a rise in ticket sales especially now two of Cheltenham’s best Am-Dram companies are coming together”. “As an extra special offer” Mark said “we are offering a pensioner’s special. For every OAP ticket sold a free one is given to their parents”.


The two leading Amateur Dramatic Societies have come together to bring festive cheer to Cheltenham’s young and old alike. Promenade Productions (PP) and Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society (CODS) are both well-known societies within Cheltenham that have given years of dramatic splendour to the people of Cheltenham for generations.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to put Cheltenham on the map of entertainment” said Paul McPlonker (49) from Cheltenham’s Guild of Thespians. My father would have loved to have lived long enough to have seen this become reality. Unfortunatly, he recently passed away from overdosing on dolly mixtures and cough syrup.


However, the two societies have recently had a difference of opinion with regards to Christmas performances. Which has potentially brought a stop to the Christmas performances.

Promenade Productions wanted a push for Jekyll & Hyde

Polly Styrene from PP’s had pushed for a Christmas version of Jekyll and Hyde. She told The Cheltenham Hurrah that PPs have performed this show over “many years” of which “was enthusiastically received” by the audiences. Whereas, Helen Back from CODS, wanted to present the usual Christmas classic of Cinderella with a twist.

Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society wanted to do a ‘modern’ rendition of Cinderella.

In the name of multi-culturalism CODS wanted to set Cinderella in India. Whereby, Cinderella is converted to Sikhism. One night she disappears after attending the ball and is last seen flying away on a magic carpet. Helen Back stated that the present Cinderella does not conform with modern society of which represents many different cultures.


As a compromise PPs and CODS have come together and merged the two ideas.

It will now be called ‘Hyde and Sikh’.


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