Fake News Exposed – Shocker

As you know The Cheltenham Hurrah prides itself on producing accurate and reliable news stories for its decent, hardworking readership.

A high end read

The Cheltenham Hurrah, has literally been publishing ‘high end’ news articles for days now and it prides itself on being the first with breaking, hard hitting headlines. We never shy away from the facts and are accurate in its reporting. Our reporters are always the first on the scene to keep it’s Cheltenham folk as up-to-date with relevant news articles as they arrive into our office.

We at The Cheltenham Hurrah are proud of its readership and the letter we received last week from Mr Joe King from Charlton Kings. Mr King stated that he considers The Cheltenham Hurrah as “fantastic” and it’s reporters as “literacy geniuses”. He also went further to demand “more”. Of course we are grateful for this kind of feedback and continue in our endeavours to please our readers.

Fake news

However, recently some inaccuracies from other local news agencies have come to light of which The Cheltenham Hurrah would like to challenge.

London Road
London Road, Cheltenham

A local newspaper recently ran an article about Gloucestershire’s oldest resident, Mrs Doris Tea-Strainer (112) who had sadly passed away in the early hours of Friday morning surrounded by her family. It further stated that Mrs Tea-Strainer resided at a care home on the London Road just outside Cheltenham. Then in the same article, it stated that the oldest Gloucestershire resident now lives in a nursing home on the Denmark Road in Gloucester.

Do they think we are idiots?

How on earth can any respectable reader be expected to believe this? On the one hand, it says she is dead then says she isn’t. Then it expects us to believe that she has now moved 10 miles down the road?

What on earth has happened to the quality of newsman ship in and around Gloucestershire? Next thing, they would expect us to believe that it’s two different people. Well, we are just not going to fall for that kind of tomfoolery.

We at the Cheltenham Hurrah are keen to point out this error and expect a full, printed apology from the rival newspapers forthwith.


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