Cheltenham Zoo Named Best Zoo In Gloucestershire

Cheltenham Zoo has today been named as the best rated zoo in the Gloucestershire county. This prestigious award was followed by another Cheltenham achievement as Pets at Home (based at the Gallagher Retail Park) came a close second.

Staff at the McDonalds restaurant based at the lower end of The Cheltenham High Street were said to be delighted to have received this award. The restaurant, which is said to be able to seat over 80 animals was also rated as fourth best zoo in England. It’s the second year in a row that the restaurant has topped the UK list.

cheltenham zoo
Cheltenham’s McDonalds has been voted the best zoo in Gloucestershire again two years in a row.

Jamie McCheapymeal, managing director at Cheltenham’s McDonalds, said:

We’re thrilled that the public have named us as the UK’s best zoo for the second year running.

Every animal that walks through those doors helps us to support hugely important worldwide conservation efforts which are working to protect endangered chavs and other ruffian types. The middle class need to be educated about the plight of these type of people, and here at McDonalds we offer that kind of service offering a source of education, and at times humour.

Cheltenham’s McDonalds is constantly raising the bar to ensure visitors have a very memorable day out. Indeed we’ve just unveiled phase one of a new McFatty burger meal, which will be a real game-changer for zoos in the UK. Cheltenham’s McDonalds provides visitors with a truly unique and immersive experience – we have captured the sounds, the smells of common people and brought them to the centre of this spa town. It’s a zoo experience like no other and we hope it’ll further enhance our standing as a feeding pit for rough, common folk of the town.

BestZoos Award spokesperson, Justin Case, added:

These awards are based on the hundreds if not thousands of reviews and opinions written by Cheltenham visitors to a range of restaurants and zoos. With the schools breaking up for summer in a matter of days, these winners should serve as great inspiration for a fantastic family day out.

Cheltenham Town Council were delighted with the two awards to the Town. Ms Shoelace, from the town council stated “it goes without saying that Pets At Home would come second because they have real animals, but I know for one, that the staff at McDonalds in the High Street will be overjoyed with this accolade”.

Tommy Pizzaface (18) has worked at the said restaurant since leaving school at the age of 16. “I speak for everyone”, he said on being told about the award – he had to be told because he can’t read. “The staff have worked hard to ensure that the children run wild and the tables are filthy, it’s like really living in the wild. The staff are also particularly proud of the collection of love bites that many of it’s customers adorn.”

Admission to the zoo is free although it is expected that you will buy a consumable. The Cheltenham Hurrah would suggest a milkshake or something because the coke is always watered down. However, if for safety reasons you feel it is either unsafe or unwise to enter the said restaurant, you can always look through the window and admire the working class from a distance.



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