Cheltenham’s First Boy Band Reunion Announced.

The Cheltenham Hurrah is the first publication in town to announce the reformation of Cheltenham’s first boy band.

News has spread about the reforming of Cheltenham’s oldest boy band, formally known as ‘New Boys in Pitville’. Maurice PeppermintCream (79), stated that, “we can no longer consider ourselves as boys anymore, so we think it is appropriate to now call ourselves ‘The Old Boys of Pitville’.We are so glad to be back and enjoy singing some of our old favourites again.”

A good old get together

It has been several years since our duo have publicly sang together and there is excitement amongst many of Cheltenham’s inhabitants.

old guys
Maurice Peppermintcream and Harold Hurtyhip discuss the war or something before their album signing followed by a nice cup of tea.

Harold Hurtyhip, (82), stated that “we had planned to have a reunion for for several years now, but the war happened and we just lost contact”.


Rumours of their reunion started to spread after the pair were spotted at a Worthers Originals Appreciation Society Meeting. “We just hit it off” said Maurice. “It was if we had not been apart”.

Sticky fishy hue

During the interview it transpired that the pop duo did a free charity gig at a local nursing home in the town last week. “Its really didn’t go too well” stated Harold. “At the end of the show some of our groupies started throwing their knickers at us, little did we know at the time that a bout of urine infections had spread through the home and so the knickers were somewhat whiffy”. Maurice stated that his daughter-in-law wouldn’t allow him into the house until he had had a ‘good hose down’ on the drive. “The smell was horrific” recalled Maurice. “The fishy hue is certainly one to remember” he chuckled.

Top tracks

When pressed to name some of the tracks from their forthcoming CD, they were both thrilled to share the fact that they are reinventing some of their old favourites such as;

  • This frame was made for walking
  • Try walking in my Hushpuppies
  • Pink Morris Minor
  • Pass the Catheter on the left hand side

and everyone’s favourite ditty,

  • Brown marks in my pants, tra, la, la,la

Maurice was keen to mention that they are taking a new angle to their musical style since their hey days. “We are catering for a new audience now, and we have to move with the times”.

From Hip hop to hip op

“We have decided to style our music to hip hop, as it reminds me of my hip op I had twelve months ago at Gloucester Royal”, chuckled Harold. “I feel like a new man since the op, but I still have to remind myself to take it easy at times”.

Catering for all kinds of moaning

Maurice was keen to point out that the “music won’t be too loud as Maggie Wingesmith from Prestbury, was always one to complain that the music was too loud at weddings and stuff. However, she would often complain that she couldn’t hear the TV so turned it up so loud that the windows rattled.”

Ticket sales

Tickets are on sale at the Everyman Theatre for £10, that’s right £10 only. Doors open on Saturday at 3pm. Tea and coffee with be on sale with a nice selection of biscuits including Rich Tea, Custard Creams, and the old classic Bourbons. Fig Rolls can be purchased separately but each person is limited to two only.